South Africa’s Western Cape is thought to have the best concentration of trails of anywhere in the world. Here you can enjoy both Cederberg and Table Mountain, the forests, beaches, waterfalls and even vineyards. KwaZulu Natal has trails trough the Drakensberg Mountain Range which also has lush flora and fauna and amazing panoramic views.

Head to the Tsitsikamma Coast where arguably the most famous hiking trail is, the Otter Trail. It is also the most popular therefore may be a bit too busy during peak times. There is plenty of accommodation choices along this trail so you do not need to camp if you don’t want to, however, it is thought by some that camping overnight adds a little bit extra to the experience of the hike.

The Dolphin Trail criss-crosses parts of the Otter Trail but is much better for beginners as it is an easy and shorter route. You can enjoy just as much of the lovely scenery as you would if you take the Otter Trail, and if you are lucky you will also be able to catch a glimpse of the dolphins that frequent the area.

The 55km Whale Trail in De Hoop has a breath taking cliff top view over part of the trail which can be completed in about 5 days hiking at a moderate pace. If you have longer to enjoy the walk then take it, you will not be sorry.

If you join a hiking club you get to meet so many like minded people who can keep you company on your days out. It is also safer to walk with a group of people rather than attempting to hike alone, particularly beginners or when walking a trail that you have never been along before. Getting lost is easy, and injuries are common. Having someone with you who is able to raise an alarm if such an event occurs is also peace of mind for you.