Are you considering hiking in South Africa? You are making a great choice. There are so many wonderful trails and fantastic sights to see along the way you will be spoilt for choice. Some of the best trails include: – Leopard’s Kloof Hiking Trail –Western Cape. This one is for beginners as it is a relatively easy trail, it is only 3km long so can easily be done on a leisurely day out. It is ideal for a family looking to get back to nature for a few hours.Amatola hiking trail close to King Williams Town is one that boasts amazing scenery including rock pools and waterfalls. This one is a long one, 100km, and it can take 6 days from start to finish, so it is ideal for those with an adventurous spirit. It is considered to be a very challenging trail so is perhaps better for those with plenty of hiking experience.

Those looking for a shorter hike might prefer the 2 day Golden Gate Highlands Rhebok hiking trail. It is a moderate trail of 31 km long, so not ideal for complete beginners. The area can get cold, so remember to pack plenty of light layers.

The Dolphin Trail is ideal for beginners. It is a 17km hike and can take up to 3 days if taking it easy. You get to see lots of the areas major landmarks along the way, and of course hopefully catch a glimpse of the dolphins that give this trail the name.

Considered a must-do for those who love coastal scenery, the Hole in the Wall is 31km long and is great for novices as it is an easy to moderate route. It can take up to 3 day to hike, and if you don’t want to camp out then there are several great hotels along the way.