While there are many camping trails in South Africa that are ideal for beginners and can be completed in just a day, there are also so many more that are longer and can take several days to complete. Some of the best overnight trails are 30+km long and take in so much of the amazing natural beauty of the country they really shouldn’t be missed.

The Tankwa Camino is not for beginners. It is 256.6 Km long and is a test of stamina and endurance, even the most experienced hiker will feel the burn with this one. You may be tempted to give up before the finish but don’t, the sense of achievement once completed will be immense.

The Leopard Trail is 55km long and can be completed in 3 days, but many people choose to take longer and really enjoy the route at a more leisurely pace. Rushing through the trail means you are likely to not take in all the wonderful sights along the way.

The Fish River Canyon Trail is 90km long and can be difficult, perhaps not the best one for a beginner, even one with plenty of time on their hands. A camera is a must on this trail, these are memories you will want to capture forever.

Perhaps the most iconic South African view, Table Mountain is the location of this next hike. It is an 85km trail that can be done without a guide. It is close to the city but far enough away to be a peaceful secluded walk for the majority of the time. You don’t even have to camp out when you do this trail, but for the full experience, you really should.

The Otter Trail is considered to be one of South Africa’s most famous hiking trails, you get to enjoy coast, forest and rivers and can be done by beginners too. One quick tip, review best time of year to trek this one, and weather reports too, it makes river crossings easier.