There are so many hiking trails in South Africa that it is hard to decide just which one to do next, but whether you are a seasoned hiker or a beginner looking for a beautiful place to make your very first official hike you need to make sure you do it in the best way possible. To make the most of the amazing hiking trails that can be found in South Africa here are a few hints and tips that will certainly make life easier.

Pack light

Regardless of whether you are a day hiker or are taking one of the longer routes covering several days, packing light will certainly make things easier. Clothing should be light layers, no bulky food or equipment where possible. This is certainly one instance where less is more.

Good footwear

Comfortable shoes are important. Proper walking or hiking boots are a good idea as these are usually waterproof too. Keep your feet dry and the walk will be much more pleasant. If the shoes are brand new, try to wear them in a little first, blisters are not a hiker’s friend.

Zip lock bags

Zip lock bags are more important than you might think. Use them to pack items individually, even your clothing. A sudden downpour can drench you, the last thing you need to to go to put fresh clothes on only to find water has leaked into the back pack and soaked your clean clothes too.

Safety items

While GSP is a great idea, technology can fail. A paper map of the area is a must when hiking, especially if it is a trail you have never walked before. Your mobile phone should be fully charged and switched off, only to be use din an emergency to conserve battery life. Try to hike in a group, never alone, that way if you get lost or injured there is someone to raise the alarm.